Why the Lease option

• The rate per kilometre under the lease option is Ugsh: 1,176 & Ugsh: 1,411 for a 4 Seater Sedan Cab and 6
Seater SUV Cab respectively which presents more value for money compared to the market rate of Ugsh:
3,000 per kilometre by Cab hire
• The lease option will greatly enhance response time and in the process do away with any delays and costs
associated with waiting
• The lease option will ensure that the client only pays for what is used and as such no waiting charges,
• All costs related to fleet management eg Fuel, Repair and Maintenance, Driver, Vehicle Insurance, Tyre
replacements, Parking, and Vehicle Washing Costs are all borne by City Cab
• This will then free up your time and resources to concentrate on other business activities as opposed to
focusing on fleet Management for any business operation