• For pick/drop of clients by cab, reservations should be through our office despatch desk
wherever possible.
• For town service errands Cab odometers should be at ZERO before beginning of a trip, as a
control measure we shall encourage the travellers to demand from the Cab drivers to ensure
the odometer is at zero before embarking on a trip to enhance accountability and transparency.
• A response time of between 20-30 minutes from confirmation of a reservation is proposed to
enable us get to the origin point
• In the interest of efficient time utilisation to both parties we suggest a waiting charge of Ugsh:
3,000 for every 30minutes after the initial free 30 minutes
• As a control measure and for avoidance of doubt, we propose that the travellers are
encouraged to ascertain that all details of the transaction ie total distance covered, waiting
time if applicable, point of origin and final destination, are captured and clearly indicated on
the invoice before they append their names and signatures especially for credit transactions.
• That in our airport charges we provide for a waiting surcharge of Ugsh: 2,500 however should
there be any freight delays and more is charged at EBB airport the extra fees shall be billed to
the client and a copy of the receipt from CAA will be attached on the final Invoice from City