Execution plan for lease option

• That a Cab(s) shall be parked at the client’s premises from 8am – 6pm and await for travel instructions
• City Cab shall charge Ugsh: 1,450 & 1,650 per extra kilometre over and above the threshold of 85Km
covered per day per Vehicle for a Sedan & SUV Cab respectively
• The names and mobile contact details of the drivers assigned to the client shall be shared for ease of
communicating with the travellers
• For ease of monitoring and tracking daily activities each transaction shall be captured in terms of origin
point, destination and distances covered, we shall request that each traveller indicates his/her full names
and signs on the Invoice per transaction
• That each traveller should not sign the Invoice before confirming that the distances covered per errand
have actually been indicated on the invoice copy
• That for airport transactions we provide for a parking surcharge of one hour, in the event of freight delays
and therefore more waiting charges, this shall be billed extra to the client. P’se note that this will range
between Ugsh: 2,500 – 5,000 for the extra 1-2 hours